Gnarly, take 2.


I took a bunch of photos today to use for… something. And no matter what I did, it just looked like crap in my eyes. So I scrapped them all. Instead, you’re getting a cleaned-up repost from the Yondu on Terra era. April 13, 2019, to be exact.

Awwwww… good boys!


Sorry, folks. Nothing I was shooting today was turning out so I’m giving you a repost from August 29, 2019. Pre-this-account, so don’t try to find it here. Also mourning the turnover of my old domain today, yonduonterra.com, which I decided to nix after that IG account was hacked and I started takemoretoyphotos.com in its place. 

Profile in Plastic: Yondu Udonta.

He was the first. Well, the first on *this* account. And he’s the namesake. But, man, is he beat up, scratched, losing paint, discolored (filter I used makes him look a lot better). I’ve considered retiring him and letting his legacy be continued by other toys. I guess with how rarely I feature him, he pretty much is retired already. But I still like taking the errant shot with him.