“Monster”… it’s such a subjective term.

“Monster”… it’s such a subjective term. For many, the monster is the aberration; the thing that doesn’t belong. For others, it’s the creator of this anomaly. Monster can also define those who choose to not accept the creature and shun it, often by force. These photographers leave that decision up to you as they present their own interpretation of this nebulous word.


He’s REAL!!


Just for kicks, I decided to re-create the infamous Bigfoot photo with Sam from Trick ‘r Treat. But I also didn’t want to get too blurry so I noised it up instead. It’s not bad. I like it.


A Week of Victims is coming!


I know it’s late notice, but will you join me? 

A Week of Victims is something I’ve celebrated in the week leading up to Friday the 13th each time it has happened since 2021. Basically, a Jason Voorhees toy must make victims of any other toys in your collection. 

Have fun! Be creative! BE BLOODY!! 

Tag your photo with #aweekofvictims and let me know in the comments of one of my participating photos just in case the hashtags are still borked. Participate as few or as many times as you’d like. 

No prizes, just fun.