The Watcher.


Just got back from watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and… damn. That was a fantastic movie that I only hope is done justice with next year’s Beyond the Spider-Verse

My only issue is that too little is made of the fact that this movie is just as much a movie about Gwen Stacy as it is Miles Morales. Maybe even a little more Gwen because we’re getting so much more about her while any new knowledge of Miles is rather limited.

I’m honestly not trying to take anything away from Miles. I freaking love that character and have for a while. He’s also one of the very select few heroes of which my son is a fan (he generally loves villains). 

So to honor this fact, and because I’m just a huge freaking Gwen Stacy fan and have been my whole life, I created this mashup of one of the posters from the first movie with a closeup I took of my Gwen figure ghosted (get it?) in the foreground.