Oil can! Oil can!!


Found this dude hanging around my house and he’d been hanging so long that he was craving some serious joint lubrication. 

Funny story… I’ve had this guy for probably about 7 years or so. Was intrigued when I saw @moz_hq use a bunch of little Roger Mozbot toys in a social media post and contacted them about buying one. They sent it to me for free! Almost two years ago, I became friends with a fellow new hire at our current job and we were talking about past gigs. He mentioned that he used to work for Moz. I told him that’s funny because I have one of their mascots as a vinyl toy on my desk (we’re a remote workforce). He told me that’s even funnier because he designed it as a promo piece when he was working there. It’s been a source of laughs for both of us ever since.

I get to see my buddy in person next week for the first time since last June! Miss ya, bro!