Profiles in Plastic: Mordles

This is an original Mordles minifigure that came with the Rocks ‘n’ Bugs ‘n’ Things scorpion back in the day. There’s some question about the original ownership of the toy. Was it mine? Was it my brother’s? Whatever the case, this little Mordle has been with me since the beginning.


I always had an affinity for smaller toys when I was young. Battle Beasts, MUSCLE Men, MASK, the smaller vintage Transformers. I rarely went larger than the 3.75” of GI Joe and Star Wars. Stuff that could go in my pocket easily. Hence why I loved this Mordle so much. 

A few years ago, I purchased an eggs worth of remade Mordles from Toyfinity. They’re cool, but something about this little purple dude makes him infinitely cooler.