Profiles in Plastic: Donatello

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Playmates Toys


Okay, first I have to admit that this is not the classic 1984 TMNT Donnie. My original was lost years ago, likely to my brother who claimed lord of my toys as his when I went off to college. I had protected many like my LEGO, Star Wars, and my customized G.I. Joe strike force. But Turtles were kinda common ground. It was one of the few lines in which we both took interest. Him more than me. But I had Donnie and Usagi Yojimbo. For some reason, I still have Miyamoto Usagi, but not Donatello. 

Anyway, I always loved Donatello because, when I took martial arts as a kid, Bo staffs were one weapon we were allowed to use in katas. No swords, no sais, no shuriken. But bos and nunchaku were fine. I just didn’t trust myself with nunchaku and there was always something so much more refined about bo staffs. I can’t really explain it. As a result, I gravitated more toward Donnie. And that love always stuck.