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36 entries from January 2024

Fallen order.


I decided to do something with the photo I took earlier even though I didn’t like where it was going. This approach cuts out about 80% of the editing I had tried to commit to it. Much simpler this way. 

Now I’m also curious if I just shot at a weird angle or if his eyes really are that off and I just never noticed before. 

Gnarly, take 2.


I took a bunch of photos today to use for… something. And no matter what I did, it just looked like crap in my eyes. So I scrapped them all. Instead, you’re getting a cleaned-up repost from the Yondu on Terra era. April 13, 2019, to be exact.

Reluctant return.


Instead of just a standard plain-background portrait of Black Krrsantan, I thought I’d overlay it on artwork of Kashyyyk as created by Jean-francois Rey for the game Jedi: Fallen Order.