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Gotta thank @crimsonviper1138 for hooking me up with my first Luke Skywalker figure since about 1995. I always dug on the Bespin outfit Luke. But my first photo may be a little oversaturated on the color so he’s washed out a bit. Whoops. May try again later. 

Inside all this power, I have to preserve the man I’ve always been.


I’m not entirely happy with how the light beam came out. Hard to get the forward perspective going properly. But I’ll keep playing. 

It’s a pretty cool Cyclops figure. I wish his hair wasn’t covered, though. And I may cut out either that smoke from the corner of his goggles or, since they’re connected, remove the entire red piece from the mask and craft something of my own. We’ll see. 

He’s REAL!!


Just for kicks, I decided to re-create the infamous Bigfoot photo with Sam from Trick ‘r Treat. But I also didn’t want to get too blurry so I noised it up instead. It’s not bad. I like it.