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I have always loved Max Rebo and this POP is fantastic. I forgot I ordered it more than half a year ago until Walmart emailed me earlier this week to say the order was being processed and sent this week. And here he is! 

I love the detail work here including that he is depressing a key and the corresponding air valve is open. Nicely done, Funko. Kudos to the designer. 


Armed to the teeth!


I got some incredibly cool 3D printed accessories from @my_imaginext_little_world. They were designed for Imaginext figures, but as all good collectors know, what works for Imaginext works for Plunderlings. 

So I got a set of 2x swords, 3x axes (2 different styles), and 1x manriki (chain with blades on either end). He also threw in a gray manhole cover shield, a pallet, and an extra board (for head bonking, of course!). 

I will likely add a wash to the latter three items and do some detail painting on all the weapons but while still allowing that wicked cool blue ice color to shine through.

The design on these weapons is fantastic. They have this jagged unevenness to them that suits Plunderlings perfectly. 

I’m not sure what else he still has available, but head over and show him some love. Gotta support our fellow creatives!

Thanks, Richard!